Evoke an urgent response in spectators guiding them to an exposition that brings mindfulness to the changes in our relationship with each other, the earth, and technology consumption.
Error 404 plays with the question at the heart of the exposition: If we cannot maintain this, what will the future look like? The campaign showcases the issue that is happening across generations; we are so consumed by the digital selves that we lose sight of our most basic necessities. The image treatment across the campaign illustrates technological growth interfering with the landscape. At the same time, the iconography across key pieces transports us to the history of digital evolution presented as a glitch and leveled to the unforeseeable changes to the landscape. These play the role of taking the potential visitor to question their roles in this scenario and guide the premise that our quality of life comes from drinkable water, clean air, and fertile land.
Concept work for student project.

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